Shooting attack wounds eight Israelis in Jerusalem’s Old City | International

An Israeli toilet at the site of the attack, Sunday in Jerusalem.
An Israeli toilet at the site of the attack, Sunday in Jerusalem.AMMAR AWAD (REUTERS)

An unusual attack with a firearm has spread terror in the early hours of this Sunday in the Old City of Jerusalem, which houses the holy places of the three monotheistic religions. A Palestinian has opened fire with a pistol on a bus carrying passengers, mostly religious Jews, from the Wailing Wall, Judaism’s main place of worship. Eight of the passengers have been injured, two of them seriously. A woman in an advanced state of pregnancy was evacuated badly injured to a hospital, where she underwent a cesarean section, but the newborn died shortly after, according to the report. daily Haaretz.

At the end of sabbath, festive and sacred day for the Jews, hundreds of faithful returned to their homes after praying at the Wailing Wall. The attack occurred in the area of ​​Mount Zion, near the Cenacle (place where, according to Christian tradition, the Last Supper was celebrated), when the driver had stopped the bus to facilitate the descent of a person in a wheelchair down a ramp. The aggressor fled amid the chaos towards the neighboring Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, in East Jerusalem, located outside the walls and at the foot of the Esplanade of the Mosques, the third holy place of Islam after Mecca and Medina. A large-scale police operation involving drone reconnaissance was immediately launched to capture the perpetrator of the attack.

The Palestinian Amir Sidawi, 26, a resident of Silwan and who also has an Israeli passport, turned himself in with his weapon at a police station hours later after verifying that agents of the border police (militarized body) and the Shin Bet (internal secret service) ) surrounded his house and that of other relatives. Sidawi, who had served a five-year prison sentence for committing a stabbing attack, is not affiliated with any Palestinian group.

The Islamist movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (armed wing of Fatah, the nationalist party in power in the Palestinian Authority) considered the attack a “natural response to the crimes of the occupation”, but none authorship was attributed to them. The attack in the Old City comes a week after the ceasefire that put an end to a war escalation in the Gaza Strip between the Israeli Army and the Al Quds Brigades (military wing of Islamic Jihad). In three days of hostilities, 49 Palestinians were killed, of whom 36 were civilians, including 19 minors.

“Jerusalem is our capital and a tourist center for all religions,” Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement, promising that security forces will restore calm in the Holy City. Last spring, 19 people (mostly Israeli civilians) lost their lives in a wave of attacks carried out by Arabs with Israeli nationality and Palestinians from the West Bank. In that territory under military occupation since 1967, more than fifty Palestinians, including militants from armed groups and civilians, have claimed their lives since the beginning of the year in military operations and clashes with the security forces. The last three cases were registered this week.

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