“Aja and Salma” festival launches its activities in Al-Magwah

The Ministry of Culture inaugurated the “Aja and Salma” festival in Al-Magwah Park in Hail, amid a large presence of tourists and visitors, familiar with the various cultural activities, such as painting, theatre, music, culinary arts and literature, as well as creative spaces for children, through which the Ministry revives the arts and traditions of the region.
The festival, between the two famous mountains, Aja and Salma, provided an enjoyable opportunity for visitors to enjoy watching the stars light up the sky in a way that adds an aesthetic dimension, in addition to the rest of the activities represented in activities and events dedicated to children in the children’s area, and the craftsmen area that displays the handicraft tools that the area has been famous for hundreds of years ago. The years, the international fashion area, including the fashion of the Sultanate of Oman, Peru, Morocco and Mexico, in addition to the folklore performances of the participating countries, including Saudi folklore, Moroccan folklore, Peruvian folklore, Mongolian, Mexican, African and Omani folklore, in addition to enjoying live cooking in the cooking area.
The Aja and Salma Festival continues to present various cultural activities over 9 consecutive days from 5 pm to 11 pm daily across nine areas, namely: the live cooking area, international restaurants, cafes, sand painting, the Nafud pavilion, the storyteller, 3D maping, a musical theater, and children’s area. Which will present, in a creative mixture, activities created by the people of the desert, and which have been associated with their environment for hundreds of years; To offer the visitor a cultural and heritage journey mixed with the spirit of the desert.
The festival also includes a digital exhibition that presents, in a colorful image, a number of pieces, and folkloric performance links of different peoples and global cultures that are rooted in a nature similar to the terrain of the city of Hail and the desert since ancient times. For visitors to see how these various natural factors have affected human heritage, nature and arts in the far corners of the globe. “Aja and Salma” festival launches its activities in Al-Magwah

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