Ajax coach fears Napoli attack

Alfred Schroeder, Ajax Amsterdam coach, expected the Italian league leaders Napoli to play in an attacking way, and expressed concern about what his team might suffer when the two teams meet in the Champions League on Tuesday.
Napoli won the full mark in the first group before facing its Dutch host at the Amsterdam Arena. Schroeder expected that the guests would take the initiative during the meeting.
“Now there are many Italian clubs playing attacking and open football,” Schroeder said in a press conference on the eve of the match. “There are no longer those who play the old defensive way that Italy was famous for.”
He continued: “Milan plays good football, Napoli has been playing great and Inter has been good for years. Liverpool is the first candidate to qualify for our group in terms of prestige, but Napoli is already close in terms of results and performance.. He has also signed great players during the recent transfers and is performing well.”
Ajax are three points behind Napoli, who beat Liverpool and Rangers in their first two group matches.
The Ajax coach added: “Napoli are playing very well. There is understanding and harmony between the players and they seek to put constant pressure on the opponent. They also take a lot of risks, and we have to be good with the ball. They have downsides but they are not many. Not defeating them is not for nothing.”
Schroeder concluded: “I trust my players very much, but I am worried about the opponent. The way Napoli plays suits us, however, it may be a match between two teams that play in an attacking way.”
Ajax began its Champions League campaign with a comfortable 4-0 victory at home against Rangers, but lost a week later at the Liverpool stadium.

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