Riyadh hosts the future of media exhibition

On Thursday, the Future of Media Exhibition was launched in its first session accompanying the Arab Radio and Television Festival, which includes sessions and workshops in the presence of many leading figures in the field of radio and television in particular and the field of media in general.
Khaled Al-Ghamdi, Executive Vice President of the Radio and Television Authority, told Al-Riyadia that the festival represents a carnival and a great gathering in the presence of all those interested, and we look forward to presenting and achieving better results in the coming seasons.
Al-Ghamdi said: “We are happy to have you with us in the Radio and Television Authority corner of one of the pavilions inside the exhibition, and it is known that the exhibition is the first time to be held in Saudi Arabia, this exhibition, which includes more than 300 companies in the field of production and technology. We are proud and we are preparing for the upcoming seasons, God willing, to achieve better results, God willing.”
Al-Ghamdi stressed that television or radio content is under study to measure viewer satisfaction and achieve their aspirations:
Praise be to God, there is satisfaction with the development of Saudi Arabia in the content offered by TV channels or broadcasts, and this is always under study for us to measure viewer satisfaction and achieve and present what suits him and achieves all his aspirations.
In turn, the musician Hassan Khairat, the director of the band and the owner of the initiative to establish the Saudi National Band for Music, said in an interview with “Riyadiah”: “The exhibition represents an Arab wedding for the first time to unite the media entity to benefit from experiences to present what is wonderful and valuable to each other of ideas, experiences and music.”
Khairan stressed the distinction of Saudi Arabia by owning nearly 200 different rhythms in various regions of the country, pointing to the spread of Saudi music in Argentina and Brazil.
He added that Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the presence of:
He said: “Our country is full of music, musicians, artists and great music. The orchestras affiliated with the Ministry of Information have been active since the inception of the ministry. Riyadh hosts the future of media exhibition

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