British Airways allows men of its employees to wear make-up if they wish… What is the point?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — British Airways is joining airlines that have adopted flexible strict dress codes, in an effort to enhance the personality of its employees.

Following a recent update to the airline’s dress code guidelines, pilots and cabin crew are now allowed to leave their beards, apply make-up, wear jewelry and wear the nail polish color of their choice, regardless of their gender.

The UK’s national carrier has announced that it wants its staff to show the “most authentic version of themselves” in an effort to promote an “inclusive” environment.

A British Airways spokesperson said in a statement to CNN, Friday: “We are proud of all of our colleagues at British Airways and are committed to an inclusive working environment.”

“We’ve worked with our employees to create up-to-date guidelines for personal care, beauty and accessories, allowing our colleagues to create the most authentic version of themselves at work every day.”

And according to Britain’s Guardian newspaper, British Airways’ latest memo urges staff to “be bold, be proud and be yourself”.

The move comes after the rival airline, Virgin Atlantic Airways, scrapped its uniform policy, as part of a broader series of initiatives, as part of its “Be yourself” agenda.

And Virgin Atlantic Airways told male cabin crew members last September that they could wear skirts, and female colleagues could wear pants, as the airline wanted its employees to feel comfortable, “whatever their gender, gender identity, or gender identity.” their expression of sex.

Other reforms recently undertaken by British Airways include allowing employees to show their tattoos while wearing the uniform, while wearing make-up is no longer mandatory for female employees.

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