Saudi Arabia .. Trend “Abu Noura Gap Eid” in the video of Muhammad Abdo and Ayed Al-Qarni, and what he mentioned about the Mufti of Egypt during the reign of King Fouad

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists on social media circulated videos of the Saudi artist, Muhammad Abdo, and what he said about the name of the artist, Ayed Al-Qarni, which provoked an interaction.

In the video clip, the artist, Ayed Al-Qarni, Muhammad Abdo asks: “Why did you not choose an artist name other than Ayed Al-Qarni?” The latter responds, saying: “By God, this is my name. Your life is long.” Muhammad Abdo added: “You mean your original name?” Al-Qarni replied, “I didn’t like to change my name, isn’t it good or not?”

And Muhammad Abdo added, “I mean, if they changed your name, you would be upset?” Laird Al-Qarni: “Choose a long life name for me. Who is better than Muhammad Abdo who calls me?” Laird Muhammad Abdo: “No, I want you, Ayed Al-Qarni, do you know why? At the beginning of my artistic life, when I entered the radio station when I was 15 years old, they said I must change your name. I told them these are your papers and this is your radio.

He continued, “I did not know about this until later, that the committee that said you must change your name. There was a sheikh, the Grand Mufti of Egypt during the reign of King Fouad, whose name was Sheikh Muhammad Abdo, today it is repeated..”

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