An Indian artist transfers the landmarks of Dubai to the strange world of “Avatar”.. What was the result?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — With its stunning futuristic architecture, Dubai’s landmarks serve as a source of inspiration for many artists to unleash limitless imagination.

Strange creatures resembling dragons fly over Dubai’s most famous landmarks in space forests of huge trees, in a new series by Dubai-based Indian digital artist, Geo Mullor.

In the series based on the epic American science fiction movie Avatar, Mollor reimagines Dubai as part of the strange world of Pandora, the fictional moon in which the film takes place.

An Indian artist brings the landmarks of Dubai to the world "Avatar" the stranger
Dubai Frame stands out in the middle of the “Pandora” world from the movie “Avatar”, plain_textCredit: Jyo John Mulloor

In a series of 8 images, the wonders of the fantasy world “Pandora” blend seamlessly with the real-life masterpieces of Dubai.

Dubai’s most famous landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, the Museum of the Future, and the Dubai Frame can be observed, all merging into an environment of exotic plants and creatures.

An Indian artist brings the landmarks of Dubai to the world "Avatar" the stranger
Dubai Metro appears amidst bizarre giant plants in Pandora’s world, plain_textCredit: Jyo John Mulloor

In an interview with CNN in Arabic, Mallor says that director James Cameron’s wonderful science fiction on this magical planet has always been a source of inspiration for him.

“Being a digital artist, I did my humble effort to transform my dream world, Dubai, into another pandora’s dream world,” he adds.

An Indian artist brings the landmarks of Dubai to the world "Avatar" the stranger
A member of the Navi people flies over a strange dragon-shaped animal, and behind him the famous Dubai skyline appears, plain_textCredit: Jyo John Mulloor

Mallor pointed out that Dubai embodies a world of dreams, where nothing is impossible with hard work and passion.

In the same way that the director of “Avatar” and the most famous international fantasy film, James Cameron, taught a generation that dreams can transcend the limits of imagination, Mollor believes that “the leaders of the Emirates planted in the hearts of the population the same thought and inspiration, through the rational vision, that dreams can be chased and transformed. into reality.”

He explained that the “Pandora” series is the product of combining imaginative dreams with a realistic vision, adding: “Here in Dubai, nothing is impossible.”

This is how Dubai will look as part of Pandora. In this image, Ain Dubai appears in the middle of Pandora’s fantasy world, plain_textCredit: Jyo John Mulloor

Mallor wanted to show in his series what Dubai would look like as a “Pandora” world, noting that he tried to include the main landmarks of the city of Dubai, which also included the Eye of Dubai and the Dubai Metro.

The series, which Mallor shared through his account on “Instagram”, received amazing reactions from his followers.

The reason in this regard is attributed to the world’s admiration for the movie “Avatar”, while giving Dubai a new look with a touch of the world of “Pandora”.

Muller released a series of designs showing the city of Dubai covered in snow, and others covered with lush vegetation.

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