What does Ukraine’s restoration of a major city mean for the Russian war? An expert explains to CNN

CNN anchor Bayana Golodriga discussed the significance of Russia’s withdrawal from the Ukrainian city of Kherson with Dara Masikut, a political researcher at the RAND Corporation.

Masikot said the Russian withdrawal “is important in terms of morale for the Ukrainian armed forces. It was clear that things were going to get tougher for that group of Russian troops on the west bank of the river since July or August, they were hard to hold, the Ukrainians attacked multiple bridges.” so they can’t get supplies in and out.”

Massicott noted that Russian forces “had two terrible choices before that: stay and be surrounded and arrested, which would have been disastrous, or an embarrassing political decision to retreat.”

She also emphasized that “there are two problems now with Russia’s exit from that region, this mainly indicates the end of their ambitions to control most of Ukraine’s coast in the Black Sea, and secondly, what Russia is now preparing to do is create defensive positions, trenches in the eastern side of the river. To defend itself in Crimea from “HIMARS” attacks or the continued Ukrainian advance. Crimea is now a concern for them in my view.”

As for comparing this withdrawal to that which took place in Kharkiv in September, Masikot noted that the latter “can be described as turbulence. Ukrainian units pressed the less powerful Russian forces, not particularly units with maximum preparation, and when confronted with the Ukrainians in battles They simply ran away. It was a panicked retreat, they gave up equipment and ammunition, they were in a really frightened exit.”

“I will compare it to what happened recently in Kharkiv. This was something that was controlled, the units were going back to pre-prepared positions. They were doing it slowly over time, I think it was a process in progress for at least three or four weeks.” It was a retreat, but we didn’t see big battles or great losses in the Russian soldiers. It wasn’t a panicked retreat, it was hastily but without panic.

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