Reports of shells falling in Poland near the borders of Ukraine.. and the Pentagon: “We will defend every inch of NATO territory”

(CNN) Two people have been killed after two missiles hit a farm in Poland near the border with Ukraine, reports say, as the Pentagon says the United States will “defend every inch of NATO territory.”

Polish media showed a picture of a deep impact and an overturned agricultural vehicle at the site near the town of Przyodo.

It is unclear where the projectiles came from.

However, the missiles fell around the same time as a Russian missile attack on western Ukraine.

A government spokesman said that Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki convened a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on National Security and Defense.

This comes at a time when a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder, said that the US is “aware of press reports alleging that two Russian missiles hit a site inside Poland near the Ukrainian border” but does not currently have information to support these reports.

Ryder added that the United States “will defend every inch of NATO territory,” while the United States waits for more information.

He continued, “When it comes to our security and Article 5 commitments, we have made it very clear that we will defend every inch of NATO territory.”

Ryder said the United States is “very confident” in protecting its power in Europe.

And “When it comes to force protection, we always take the safety and security of our troops no matter where they serve very seriously.”

A Polish official told CNN that nothing has been confirmed yet and that the investigation into the incident is continuing.

However, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Babriks tweeted: “My condolences to our Polish brothers-in-arms. The criminal Russian regime fired missiles that not only targeted Ukrainian civilians but also landed on NATO territory in Poland. Latvia fully stands with Polish friends and condemns this crime.”

Estonia, a member of NATO, described reports of rockets falling into Poland as “most worrying”.

The Estonian Foreign Ministry commented on Twitter: “The latest news from Poland is the most disturbing. We are consulting closely with Poland and other allies. Estonia is ready to defend every inch of NATO territory. We are in full solidarity with our close ally Poland.”

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