Lucid, competing with Tesla and the Saudi market, is the first Arab woman to design cars, speaking to CNN

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Jordanian designer, Reem Al-Sumairat, the first Arab woman to work in car design, shed light on the “Lucid” car, which she considered “the only competitor” to Tesla cars in terms of its battery capacity, and what it expects to be the impact of the investment of the Public Investment Fund. Saudi Arabia and the possibility of the car going to the Kingdom market as a first destination.

This came in an interview that Al-Sumairat conducted with CNN in Arabic, where she said: “The Lucid car is one of the cars that we are eagerly awaiting because it is considered the only competitor in the market to Tesla, in terms of battery capacity and even in terms of design because it is considered an electric luxury car.”

Al-Sumairat, founder and design director of “Concepts” for the development and design of car bodies, continued: “The Public Investment Fund is a shareholder in Lucid and it will certainly have an impact in a positive way. It is possible that the Saudi market will be directed when the car is launched, as a first market.”

With regard to the reflection of market needs on the design of cars, Al-Sumairat said: “Usually when we design a car we have a market that we target and think about. When I think about a market, I look at people’s needs in this car and this is reflected through the design. The width, not the length, and therefore the design should be in this way. They need, for example, when talking about an electric car. I mean, the first effect is the temperature. The problems with electric cars in the Gulf region are always that the temperature is very high and the battery cannot bear the same performance, and therefore they may be (Lucid Company). The first people to offer a solution to the problem of the battery, the distance and the charging time…”

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