What do you do if you are worried about your Twitter account disappearing?

New York, USA (CNN) — With the hashtag #RIPTwitter still trending on Twitter and a slew of engineers and other employees leaving the company, some users are preparing for a world without their accounts.

For those who have lived their lives on the platform for the past decade or more, the end of Twitter could mean seeing years of digital memories, photos, and contacts disappear.

With new owner Elon Musk seemingly shaking up every corner of the company, there are already circulating reports that services that preserve data aren’t working properly. Here are steps you can take if you are worried about losing your Twitter account

Download your Twitter archive

If you want to keep your previous tweets, you can start by downloading your Twitter archive.

Users can download their archive by going to their account settings page, clicking on the “More” icon, and then selecting “Your Account” from the list of options. From there, select “Download an archive of your data”. You will be asked to enter your password and verify your identity via a code sent to the email address or phone number associated with your account.

After verifying your identity, click on the “Request Data” button. Twitter will then email you (or send a push notification on the app) when the download is ready and users can choose the Download button to access the .zip file of their archive. The data set includes your profile information, your Tweets, your private messages, and your media (photos, videos, GIFs you have attached to Tweets, your follower list, and more).

The Company requires that you verify your email address before requesting your Twitter archive, and that you log into your Twitter account on the same browser you use to download the archive.

Twitter says it can take a few days to get your archive ready to download. However, be aware that many users have already reported issues with this process.

Keep in touch with your Twitter contacts on other platforms

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding Twitter, the social networking app Mastodon has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent weeks. One of the more challenging aspects of starting over on Mastodon (or more likely whatever platform might emerge as an alternative) for many was finding people to follow on Twitter on the new platforms.

Until now, much of the work had to be done manually, but Eugene Roshko, the creator of Mastodon, previously told CNN that he’s thinking about how to improve the experience of finding contacts as people move on from Twitter. Some other tools have emerged, such as Twitodon, that help users find their Twitter followers and accounts they follow on Mastodon.

Some also take a key step: tweet their accounts on other social platforms so that anyone who follows them on Twitter can find them there. The hashtag #TwitterMigration has emerged as a way for people to signal that they’re on their way out — and to offer other accounts to stay in touch.

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