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On Monday, the first Saudi national football team finished its field preparations, in preparation for the start of its campaign in the 2022 World Cup, by facing its Argentine counterpart, on Tuesday, in the matches of the first round of the group stage, at the “Lusail” stadium in Doha, the Qatari capital.
The Al-Akhdar players conducted their last training session, on Monday afternoon, with a training session at the Celine Resort stadium, under the supervision of Hervé Renard, the coach, who started the training with a warm-up, then the squares exercise, followed by possession exercises, before making a division into two groups on the half of the field, to conclude the training session with stretching exercises. .
In addition, it was confirmed that Riyad Sharahili, the green player, was absent from facing Argentina, as he continued his special exercises prepared for him in advance, accompanied by the medical staff.
On Monday afternoon, it was decided that the Green Mission would leave its residence, “Celine Resort”, towards Doha, as part of its preparatory program for tomorrow’s match.
Al-Akhdar is competing in the World Cup competitions, in Group C, alongside Argentina, Poland and Mexico. Green finishes Argentina's preparations

Green finishes Argentina's preparations

Green finishes Argentina's preparations

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