The Kremlin after the statement of a Russian senator: changing the ruling regime in Ukraine is not one of the goals of the “special operation”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, on Monday, that changing the Ukrainian ruling authority is not one of the goals of the “special operation” that Russia has launched in Ukraine since February 24.

“Russia is striving to achieve its goals in the special military operation, and these goals can be achieved in various ways,” Peskov said, in a conference call with reporters.

Peskov’s statement came in response to a question by CNN about comments made by Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev earlier Monday, in which he said that normalization of relations with Ukraine could only happen if there was a “regime change” in Kyiv.

When asked repeatedly whether the change of power in Ukraine was one of the goals of the special operation, Peskov said: “No.”

The prominent Russian Senator Kosachev said earlier that any normalization of relations with Ukraine could only happen after the Ukrainian leadership changed.

Kosachev, deputy speaker of the Russian Federation Council, added: “I do not expect anything good from the current regime in Kyiv. They are trapped in their previous actions and ideology, and they do not have the freedom to maneuver. I believe that any possible normalization of relations can happen only after the change of power in Ukraine, and we hope That process should be constitutional next time.” According to his statements, which were published by the Russian news agency “Tass”.

Kosachev warned that residents of Ukrainian regions, including Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk, “may change their minds if the authorities continue to treat them as terrorists or separatists and refuse to enter into dialogue with them.” He added, “A lot can change if Kyiv stops talking to them in the language of force.”

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