Top 5: A historic victory for Saudi Arabia over Argentina…and testimonies about the rape of female demonstrators in Iran

From exclusive testimonies to CNN about the rape of female and male demonstrators by Iranian regime forces, to Kamala Harris’ intention to run for office if Biden decides to run for the presidency in 2024… Here is a daily summary from CNN in Arabic with the headlines of some of the most prominent diverse stories from the Middle East and the world.

Blinken: The decision to grant immunity to the Saudi crown prince is based on legal practices… and we continue to review relations with Riyadh

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, on Tuesday, that President Joe Biden’s administration’s decision to grant Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman immunity in the case of the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, filed by Khadija Cengiz, was based on legal practice.

“They choose beautiful women”… Exclusive testimonies to CNN about the rape of female and male demonstrators by the Iranian regime forces

Through documented interviews, CNN has collected testimonies that reveal a horrifying pattern of brutality by the regime as sexual violence and rape are used to suppress and, in some cases, extort protesters. Iranian officials have not yet responded to CNN’s request for comment on the “abuses” described in this report.

Kamala Harris intends to run for office if Biden decides to run for president in 2024

Kamala Harris, US Vice President Joe Biden, said on Tuesday that if Biden ran for re-election in 2024, she would “run the race with him” for her position.

After Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait deny the existence of any discussions with OPEC Plus members to reduce oil production

The UAE and Kuwait denied reports that there were discussions between members of the “OPEC Plus” alliance to increase oil production, after Saudi Arabia denied those reports as well.

A new history is being written by Saudi Arabia… Al-Akhdar reaches the pinnacle of glory by defeating Argentina

The Saudi national team restored confidence to Asian football by defeating Argentina in the opening matches of the two teams in the World Cup with two goals to one, to open the Saudi green a new page in history that may make the public forget the achievement of the 1994 World Cup. In this episode, we review the most prominent points in this historic match.

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