5 points and two goals.. Find out the full outcome of the Arab teams in the first round and their next matches

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Arab teams achieved one victory against a loss and two draws, after one round of the 2022 World Cup, and the “Saudi Green” was the only team that succeeded in scoring, while Qatar was unable to do so. And Tunisia and Morocco, find out the full outcome and their upcoming matches.


She opened her campaign with a loss from Ecuador, she did not score any goals, while she conceded two goals.

You will face Senegal and then the Netherlands, in Group A.

Saudi Arabia

She achieved a valuable victory over Argentina, scored two goals, and conceded one goal.

Poland will meet then Mexico, in the third group.


It won a valuable point against Denmark, which did not score or concede goals.

You will play against Australia and then France, in Group D.


She shared the points against Croatia, her chances did not translate into goals, and she kept her net clean.

You will face Belgium and then Canada, in Group F

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