Al-Tai .. 3 days off after the UAE camp

The Portuguese Peppa, coach of the first Al-Ta’i football team, granted the players a three-day leave after returning to Hail, on Friday, after the conclusion of the preparatory camp in the Emirates within the second phase of the preparations program during the Saudi Roshen League hiatus.
It was decided that the team would resume its training, on Monday, at the club’s stadium to complete preparations before the league resumed.
The camp lasted 17 days, during which the Al-Haili team played two test matches, the first against the Emirati Liwa and won it with a clean six, and the second ended with a loss from the Emirati Sharjah 0-2.
Al-Taei, who is in seventh place with 15 points, will return to the league competitions on December 15, when he visits Abha in Al-Mahalla in the ninth round.

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