“Bubji Mobile” reveals the content of its cooperation with Messi

On Thursday, the PUBG MOBILE game, one of the most popular smartphone games in the world, revealed 20 new items in the style of Lionel Messi, the soccer player in the game.
The football player will appear for the first time in the game with a set of clothes and special items, which will help players unleash their ingenuity and show their expertise on the battlefield as players become legends themselves with a set of Captain Messi costumes, in addition to accessories with new decorations, umbrellas, pans and other exciting content .
The “Messi Football Icon” set includes new items, cap, backpack, helmet, frying pan, PP-19 bizon, Mini14 sniper rifle, MK47 submachine gun, AKM rifle, accessories and a grenade, while the “Messi Super Legend” items contain a special set, hat, mask and umbrella, while the “Messi” items include Collaboration» Airplane decorations, hoverboard, Dacia car and decorations.

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