Casemiro: We qualified from a tough group

Casemiro, the first Brazilian soccer player, stressed the difficulty of facing Switzerland in their meeting, which took place, Monday, in the 2022 World Cup, and stressed that the most important thing he thinks about is helping the team to achieve victories.
Casemiro assumed the starring role in the Brazil national team’s match against his Swiss counterpart, after scoring the only goal of the match, to lead his country to the round of 16 in the World Cup.
And at the 82nd minute of the meeting, Casemiro scored the only goal of the Brazilian national team, after he took advantage of a pass between Vinicius and Rodrigo, to hit the ball into the net of Jan Sommer, the Swiss goalkeeper, who just looked at it as it made its way to the net.
“We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy group,” Casemiro said after the match, which Brazil captain Neymar missed due to injury.
The Brazilian player added, “It was very difficult against Serbia in the last match, and Switzerland had a lot to offer today.”
And the Manchester United midfielder continued: “We have been patient.. The matches have not always been good. The teams are doing their best, and the little things make the difference.”
Casemiro spoke about his goal in the match, saying: “I hit the ball perfectly, but the most important thing is to help the team.”
Brazil aspires to continue its successful campaign in the World Cup in order to regain the title it has been absent for 20 years.

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