The Saudi Foreign Minister explains the role of the Crown Prince in the prisoner exchange deal between Russia and America

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan said on Friday that Iran is “part of the region and a neighbor, and we will continue to reach out, seeking a positive relationship that serves the stability of the region and the well-being of our peoples.”

Prince Faisal bin Farhan said, in statements after the Gulf-Chinese summit in Riyadh, that “China is very keen on the security and stability of the region, just as we are very keen on the security and stability of the region, just as all Gulf countries are keen on the security and stability of the region, and that all Arab countries are keen on the security and stability of the region.

He added, in his remarks, which were reported by the Saudi “Al-Ikhbariya” channel on Twitter, that “part of the security and stability of the region, without a doubt, is reaching a positive relationship between the countries of the region and Iran, because in the end it is part of the region, and there is no room for stability in the region except with a relationship.” Good, between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and other countries in the region, with our neighbor Iran.

He explained: “We will continue to strive for that, and we will continue to extend our hand to our neighbors and Iran, seeking to find a way for this positive relationship, and we hear from time to time positive statements from them, and we hope that we can translate them all into a real positive relationship that serves not only the stability of the region.” But it serves the well-being of all our peoples, whether the people of the Kingdom or the Iranian people, and this is available, but it requires positivity and seriousness from all parties, and we welcome all parties that seek to harness the appropriate atmosphere for that.

On Saudi mediation efforts to release prisoners between Russia and the United States of America, the Saudi Foreign Minister said that the efforts of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman are clear in mediating the release and exchange of prisoners between America and Russia.

He explained, “With regard to mediation, I am aware of the efforts of the Crown Prince in mediation, and he succeeded in an earlier stage in the process known as the release of 10 prisoners, and I am aware of the personal efforts of the Crown Prince regarding the release of this last American basketball player, and his involvement and personal intervention to facilitate this release.” As for what others say, I can’t comment on it.

American basketball star Brittney Grainer arrived in the United States on Friday morning, after being released from a Russian prison as part of the deal brokered by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in exchange for the release of Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout imprisoned in the United States.

Faisal bin Farhan added, “The Saudi-Chinese strategic company has important and promising factors that support the development process in Saudi Arabia, China, and the region.”

He said: “We have an existing strategic partnership with the United States, and existing partnerships with India, Japan, France, Britain, Germany, and we have committees that follow up on working with all of these countries, because the Saudi economy is in a stage of great expansion and we need all partnerships and this cooperation to achieve our goals in development and we aspire to benefit from it.” This openness to all parties to support the development process in the Kingdom, the countries of the region and the world, and we see that competition is good and that entering into polarization is very negative, not only for the two parties who enter into this polarization, but negative for the economy, security and global peace, and therefore we seek to explore opportunities for this cooperation, albeit There must be an honest competition.”

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