Biden: I do not expect a quick end to the harsh war in Ukraine… and Putin has no intention of stopping it

(CNN) — US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he does not expect a quick end to the conflict in Ukraine and added that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no intention of stopping “this cruel war,” even if Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky seeks a “just peace.” “.

During a press conference with Zelensky, Biden praised the heroism of the Ukrainian people, as he welcomed the presence of the Ukrainian president in the White House for the first talks between them since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The US president said sending a Patriot missile battery to Ukraine would be crucial to Ukraine’s defences, but said it would take time to train Ukrainian forces to use the system.

Noting that the war will not end soon, he said: “As we approach the new year, it is important for the American people and the world to hear directly from you, Mr. President, about the battle for Ukraine, and the need to continue standing together through 2023.”

“You showed your strong stance against aggression in the face of the imperialist appetites of autocrats,” Leslensky said, adding that the United States stands with Ukraine in preserving “the basic principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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