Top 5: Iran comments on the talks with Saudi Arabia… and the cancellation of the quarantine for travelers to China, as of January 8

From China announcing a decision to cancel quarantines for travelers to it and Corona restrictions as of January 8, to Iran expressing its hope to resume talks with Saudi Arabia, and the Central Bank of Egypt monitoring what it described as “illegal” practices targeting the money market… Here is a daily summary from CNN In Arabic, with the titles of some of the most prominent stories from the region and the world.

China decides to cancel the quarantine for travelers to it and the Corona restrictions, as of January 8

The health authorities in China announced, on Monday, that it had decided to cancel the quarantine requirements for all travelers arriving from outside its borders, and all other precautionary measures related to confronting the spread of the Corona virus, including the quarantine of the infected, as of January 8 next.

After a “friendly conversation” between the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia.. Tehran: We hope to resume the talks

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani considered, on Monday, that Iran’s presence at the “Baghdad 2” summit is an indication of Iran’s “important” role in the region, expressing hope for the resumption of talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The Central Bank of Egypt announces the monitoring of 3 “illegal” practices targeting the money market

The Central Bank of Egypt announced, in a statement, on Monday, that it had monitored a group of “illegal practices” related to the foreign exchange market, in light of the decline in the value of the pound against the dollar and foreign currencies.

It fell in this Arab country.. The discovery of new materials in a meteorite that had not been previously observed on Earth

Scientists have discovered two minerals never before seen on Earth from a huge meteorite found in Somalia.

The sports director of the Saudi victory comments on the news of the negotiation with Cristiano Ronaldo

Marcelo Salazar, the sports director of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, raised more controversy about Al-Alamy’s negotiations with Cristiano Ronaldo, for the player to join the team in the next stage.

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