From the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.. Al-Sisi warns against falling behind rumors:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi warned, on Friday, the Egyptians not to be led by rumors and conversations “that are issued by irresponsible people, who are not aware of the truth about what is happening inside the country.”

Al-Sisi added, during his speech at the “Nativity of Christ” cathedral in the New Administrative Capital, which he visited to offer congratulations to Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of the See of St. Mark and the Copts, on the occasion of Christmas: “I say to all Egyptians, on every occasion, don’t go as far as possible. responsible”.

The Egyptian president said: “I see that people are anxious and afraid, and if my words reassure you, you must be reassured. We are not telling you anything. Do not be afraid.”

Al-Sisi said, during his speech, which was broadcast by television channels during the celebration: “Please do not be afraid, because our Lord is present and will not abandon us. He will leave us, I mean? Our Lord can do any good thing for us.”

He added, “The recent crisis in the world has very great effects, and the world after it will be different from what came before it, and the economic crisis will affect many countries, if the (Ukrainian) war continues this year or more, but we as a country are walking well and if we suffer, but we should not be afraid.” Or do we worry, if Egypt is tired, we will abandon it?”

Al-Sisi paid tribute to Pope Tawadros II, and said: “Every time I hear a speech by him or even the book that was issued by him, I find in it very great eloquence and wisdom, including his saying (religions are compatible and it is not necessary for them to coincide).”

He added, “Our love for each other must continue without discrimination at all, and that we always need to affirm on every occasion that we are one and there is no form of discrimination between us, and that any form of separation between us never succeeds.”

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