“Biden’s secret documents” .. Sources for CNN: A new group was found in another headquarters

(CNN) — Informed sources told CNN that US President Joe Biden’s legal team found a new set of classified documents at a location other than Biden’s former office where the first set of documents was found in November, dating back to the period when he was Former Vice President Barack Obama is Joe Biden.

The new documents were found during the search process, which began after secret documents were found in a former Biden office at a research center.

A source said the new search led to additional documents of interest to government officials who are reviewing the matter.

It is currently unclear what the new documents contain, how many, or where they were found.

It is noteworthy that NBC was the first to report the news of finding the new documents.

Finding the classified documents rang alarm bells inside the White House, where only a small circle of advisers and lawyers knew about it, and launched a process to search other sites where other documents are likely to be found.
The White House declined to comment on finding new documents.

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre, during her press conference on Wednesday, declined to confirm that no additional documents had been found, and said that “the search continues.”

The first set of documents, found when Biden’s lawyers were packing files in his former private office, contained 10 classified documents, including US intelligence materials and media notes about Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom.

Some of the documents were “top secret”, the highest level of secrecy.

CNN reported that the documents were found in three or four boxes that also contained unclassified papers that fall under the Presidential Records Act.

Classified documents are supposed to be kept in safe places, and under the Presidential Records Act, White House documents are supposed to go to the National Archives when the administration leaves.

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