The Asir derby.. Your embrace is armed with history in front of Abha

The Dhamak first football team, with its distinguished numbers, is arming itself in its confrontations with its arch-rival Abha when they meet, on Friday, at the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in Abha in the 13th round of the Saudi Roshan League.
The two teams have faced each other 6 times in the Professional League since the start of the 2008-2209 season. Damak won 4 matches, while Abha won once, and attended a draw once, and the last victory for Abha was 3-2 in the first round of the 2019-2020 season.
The derby matches between the two teams witnessed an abundance of goals during the 6 confrontations, as the Dhamak team visited the Abha net 16 times, while the Abha players scored 12 goals.
Damak players aspire to reconcile their fans after a series of stumbling blocks, as Damak did not taste victory in the league during the last 4 confrontations, and aspires to win and reach point 21.
The Croatian Kresimir Resic, coach of Damak, has a group of elements that can achieve a positive result, led by the Algerian Arab Sudanese, the Spaniard Nuno, the Dutchman Adam Maher, and Mansour Hamzi.
On the other hand, Abha enters the confrontation, looking for its sixth victory and reaching the 19th point. The Dutch coach, Roel Comans, has a number of distinguished players, led by Ecuadorian Caicedo, Saleh Al-Omari, Nawaf Al-Saadi, and Tunisian Saad Baqir.

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