Egypt: A legislative amendment to the police law, days before its festival.. What are the most prominent amendments? and what do you mean?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian Parliament approved, on Sunday, amendments to the Police Authority Law, a few days before the police celebrate their 71st annual anniversary, on January 25.

The amendments included the imposition of penalties and referral to disciplinary councils for individuals and officers, and the addition of texts of updated articles regarding the controls of the authority of the Supreme Council of Police to re-appoint, resign, terminate service, transfer outside the police authority, or remain in service until the age of sixty in those appointed to the position of assistant or first assistant minister. internal.

The Egyptian police celebrate their anniversary annually, on the 25th of this month, to commemorate the “Battle of Ismailia” when the police refused to surrender to an English attack on the Ismailia governorate building east of the capital, Cairo, in 1952, following the cancellation of Treaty 36 between Egypt and Britain.

The head of the Defense and National Security Committee in the Egyptian Parliament, Ahmed Al-Awadi, said that Parliament approved the amendment of some provisions of Law No. 109 of 1971 regarding the police force to be in line with the provisions of Civil Service Law No. 81 of 2016, and Law No. 73 of 2021 regarding the conditions for occupying government jobs. Or continue with it, which requires a legislative amendment to be made with some articles of the Police Authority Law to confirm and consolidate discipline in the Authority, similar to the rest of the civil authorities in the country.

According to Article 206 of the Egyptian Constitution, “the police service is a regular civil body in the service of the people and its loyalty to it, and it guarantees citizens tranquility and security, and it ensures the preservation of public order and morals, and it adheres to the duties imposed on it by the constitution and the law, and respects human rights and fundamental freedoms, and guarantees Members of the police force perform their duties, and the law regulates the guarantees for that.

Al-Awadi added, in exclusive statements to CNN in Arabic, that the amendments to the law included 3 articles other than the publishing article, with the aim of adjusting the wording of some texts that affected ambiguity in their interpretation and application, and to achieve job stability and consolidate the rules of discipline, in addition to amending some standards and rules for imposing penalties and referral to councils. Disciplining members of the police force, whether individuals or officers.

Al-Awadi explained that the most prominent amendments included in the law are granting the authority to refer a police officer to the Disciplinary Council so that it is for the director of the General Department for Discipline and Disciplinary Affairs at the Ministry of Interior instead of the directors of security and public administrations. To unify the referral authority and achieve justice and equality by subjecting all individuals and officers to one standard, which imposes rules of discipline.

The amendments also included canceling the commitment of the Supreme Council of Police to issue reasoned decisions, which is in line with the decision of the State Council, which confirmed that the administrative body is not obligated to announce the reasons for its decisions, as well as to maintain security considerations that require preserving the reasons, and a case has also been added to cases of termination of service. It includes expressing a desire to terminate the service of officers with the ranks of colonel, brigadier general and major general who are subject to the provisions of the Police Authority Law in accordance with the Civil Service Law.

A member of the Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives, Muhammad Abu Hamila, said that Parliament approved in principle the first amendment to the Egyptian Police Authority Law since its promulgation in 1972, with the aim of keeping it in line with the laws issued during the past years, the most important of which is the Civil Service Law in 2016, and the Law on Conditions for Employment. The year 2021, to achieve job stability and establish discipline within the police force.

The first Ministry of the Interior was established in Egypt in 1805 during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha, and at that time he called it the Diwan of the Governor to control security in Cairo, and its tasks developed until the first Ministry of the Interior was established on February 25, 1857.

Abu Hamila added, in exclusive statements to CNN in Arabic, that the police force is undergoing development during the current period, both at the level of increasing the tasks assigned to it to protect the country’s security internally, and giving opportunities to the young leaders of the body, which requires the need to amend the law regulating it to confirm and consolidate discipline. And in line with updating the legislation regulating employment affairs.

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