“Independent Arabia” celebrates its fourth year

Today, Tuesday, Independent Arabia celebrated the completion of its fourth year since its launch, which was on January 24, 2019, as a platform with a new content and message.
It formed “Independent Arabia”, which was the first Arab site to take the publishing rights to a foreign site, represented by the well-known English newspaper “The Independent” in London.
During the four years, the news platform with various topics and reports in its political, economic, cultural and diversified dimensions proved to be a real addition to the Arab media institutions in creating a new perspective on the world of news and the journalistic message in general, as it renewed the content and form and contributed realistically to weaving a new reality for the digital Arab press.
These efforts culminated in the announcement by the Dubai Press Club on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, that Independent Arabia won the award for the best Arab news platform in the digital press branch during the 20th session of the Arab Media Award, in addition to winning two previous awards in the same competition.
“Independent Arabia” is issued from London and has offices in a number of Arab capitals, including Riyadh, Beirut and Cairo, and a network of correspondents around the world. .
Commenting on the four-year journey, two members of Al-Ahmari, editor-in-chief of “Independent Arabia,” explained that what she achieved was not by chance. It comes by chance, but behind it is a working team that works diligently and with an open mind for innovation and modernization, and intersects with new visions, ideas, and developments in the media and the world of journalism at the planet level.”
He pointed to the diversity and richness of the content of the website and the various platforms of “Independent Arabia”, which was characterized by the close follow-up of all Arab, regional and global issues, and provided forward-looking readings of events and objective analyzes of what is happening around us in our world today, which made it look forward to the future, analyze the past, and set inspiring perceptions for both readers and makers. Decision and followers in various fields of knowledge.
The editor-in-chief stressed that the new year will witness a shift and surprises on several levels within the framework of continuous development and modernization.
And “Independent Arabia” dealt with the news not with its daily facts, but rather with its evidence through reports and analyses, and devoted a large part of its follow-ups, joint files, investigations and lengths that it publishes, for general knowledge and topics related to the cultures and traditions of peoples in Arab and foreign societies, as it followed up with an unconventional eye on the economic and scientific affairs. And technology through special materials and translations from the English “Independent” and “Foreign Affairs” and other topics that are prepared from the foreign press.
And through the “Independent Arabia” platforms on social media, updates are published in terms of news, reports, videos and infographics that keep pace with what is happening in the world, in addition to the live broadcast service for news that forms the focus of events and takes place at the level of the site and on the platforms, which is the latest thing that distinguished “Independent Arabia”. with it.
The site’s services include “Independent” TV, documentaries such as “Amaa Baad” and “In Brief” and the “podcast” service, which includes a number of programs in various fields, in addition to the “Read and Hear” audio articles service.
During these four years, the number of visitors to the website exceeded 86 million, until this January, as it increased from 4.8 million visitors during the first year (2019-2020) to 32 million during the year (2022-2023).

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