Al-Duhaimi: Developing Saudi trainers is among our goals

Abdul Mohsen Al-Dehaimi, the appointed head of the Second Division League, confirmed that they aim to work on developing national coaches and raising the technical level of the competition.
The League of Second Division Clubs appointed Abdul Mohsen Al-Dehaimi as its president, during the Constituent Assembly of the League, which took place in Riyadh, on Thursday.
Al-Duhaimi said in an exclusive interview with Al-Riyadiah: “The Saudi Federation launched initiatives to support the national coach, referring to the League’s cooperation with the Federation to support the national coach.”
The head of the Second League League added: “The associations have a large and effective role in marketing, transferring and managing matches, and this is reflected in the positive impact on the league, as happens in the Saudi Roshan League and the Yellow League for first-class clubs.”
The constituent assembly of the association was held under the chairmanship of Ibrahim Al-Qabbaa, Assistant Secretary-General of the Saudi Federation, and in the presence of 30 representatives of second-division clubs, and the absence of representatives of Al-Kawkab and Al-Intisar clubs.
It was also approved to adopt the statute, which was sent to the clubs during the last period to express observations and visuals for discussion during the meeting.

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